Thursday, October 21, 2010

Did you know we do preschool too!

It seems like so much of my school day and my blogging is about the big kids. The history and science especially is real fun for the older guys. I read over at raisingarrows that she does her work with her littles first since it's so easy to get caught up with the big kids. I find it is hard to balance the two different sets. I'm either trying to finish up with the big kids so I can get to the little guys' work or the other way around. Plus keeping the big kids out of the preschool work is a tad difficult, it's all so fun and bright and so much easier than their work!

But we do have a couple preschoolers here too! I've been using the teacher's planner Office Max gave me on Star Teacher Appreciation Day (who knew, we were just doing our school prep shopping and got all sorts of great service) and each of the little guys have their own column that I plan what I want to get to with them each week. Having it written out is good for me and as I'm making sure we got to everything each day I can gage where I'm at with them.

I tried to remember to take some pictures of what #3 and #4 and I were doing these past couple of weeks.

Just as a place to write it down... goals for #3 (4 and 1/2 years old) this year are letter recognition and to learn to read. He's already wanting to copy words and is amazing me with his ability to write some letters, we've only ever worked on writing his name. Counting and early math are really just part of our day. He works on the memory work we do at Circle Time. And I'd really love to get him to sit still for a little while and pay attention. goals for #4 (3 years old) this year to keep him out of as much trouble as I can. I'd really like there to be minimal trips to the ER and my laundry soap to stay in the tub like it belongs would be great (instead of in piles inside other cupboards like he likes to transfer it). We do work on colors with him. He loves to cut up paper and draw with markers/crayons/colored pencils/paint. He loves do "school" with the big kids, particularly grammar, I have to work hard at keeping my patience with the big kids with their grammar lessons while #4 is asking all day long to "do grammar". (#3 and #4 are using "The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading" by Jessie Wise and Sarah Buffington as their "grammar" which is really letter recognition and a phonics reading program)

:: painting - trust me, I question my sanity too - with red, yellow and blue paint. I'm working through colors, introducing a few at at time, using homeschoolcreations printables - LOVE these!

:: double crown of Egypt. #3 and #4 join us for history as much as they'd like to. History used to be during nap time but #4 has completely wiggled himself out of naps so they're around. Here #3 joined #1 and #2 on a project to make the white crown and red crown of Eygpt which were united when King Narmer defeated the Red Crown King and took the crown away putting it over his own white crown.

:: Alphabet books. I'm trying to work through the alphabet with these little books from first-school. They color the worksheet at the beginning of the week, cutting out the "stickers" to place in the book at the end of the week.

:: a brown boat with a blue sail - another homeschoolcreations printable (just click abc's in top menu bar and pick the letter you're working on). The plan is to save each of these CUTE alphabet pages and bind into a book!

:: the big kids joined us for this project - scissors, glue sticks and a cute page...they couldn't resist. I told them they were welcome as long as they write a story to go with their picture. We also do these cute pages on Fridays which are our easy days...just the right kind of day for glue sticks!

I'm linking up at Homeschool Creations Preschooler Corner. I've gotten lots of inspiration from her site and wanted to join up!
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