Saturday, October 2, 2010


#4's birth story is already documented on this here blog...I read through it, seeing what I'd written. I am a little entertained by the last paragraph. How at one #4 was, "the easiest baby I've ever had. He does his own little thing and only comes around if he's hungry or tired. He even lets the other kids "play" with him." I really did feel that way at the time. How easy he was. He is the opposite of easy now.

Into EVERYTHING! Spirited. Strong-willed.

Grandma D was here last week, she asked what #4's personality is like...I've been trying to figure that out since she asked. Definitely the list above is a start. But he is also so funny. And more mature than his age suggests...I don't feel like a normally do about this birthday, it feels like he's been 3 for many months. His heart is big. He loves his brothers and sister, though he shows it mostly through torture right now.

Some pictures to give you a good idea of the treasure we get to be with everyday!

:: helpful. if you look at dumping out a whole basket of cars
so he can clean the basket helpful.
:: has had more trips to the ER than anyone else. this trip for stitches
to his lip which he split on our foot board.
:: oh man, isn't he cute!
:: willing to learn from his brother. the lesson? folding towels.
:: loves any chance to use tools.
:: oh man, does he LOVE his little brother!
:: independent. many of our outfits are backwards.
:: a good snuggler.
:: loves his grandpa d!
:: oh man, i just smile when i see this one!
:: hates getting his hair cut. so much so that hairdresser, aunt a,
was thrilled when mr. wiedz started taking this job.
:: wants to play games just like his big brothers.
:: likes to check out bugs.
:: and get totally wet going on a shark ride.
:: thought he wouldn't like swimming lessons until he was in the water, each day.
:: loves crabbing and salmon fishing. really just loves being on the boat.
:: always running to catch up with his brothers.
:: spent many days wearing these vampire teeth from the dentist.
between the ears and the teeth, i'm dying!
:: too little to keep up with everyone on a bike ride.
taking his own trike ride time later.
:: loves the support and love from mr. wiedz.
:: surprises me sometimes with how loving and thoughtful and careful he can be.
:: loves peaches, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries...anything you can pick.
I love you #4!

Happy Birthday!

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Aly sun said...

So special is a little one's birthday. He sounds like a real grown-up boy (we have lots of backward, inside out clothing here too). Happy birthday to your little man.