Thursday, October 14, 2010

I forgot to tell you...

I mentioned we had birthdays here a couple of weeks ago. Today as I was downloading photos I found some from those birthdays and our celebrating.

I have seen birthday crowns on the web for many years. This year I figured would be perfect since I was trying to make our school days special for the birthday boy.

#2 wanted a Mario cake and more specifically wanted a Bowser-shaped cake. I told him Bowser was more than I was willing to tackle but I'd try for a Mario theme. He was thrilled! #4 wanted a Spiderman cake. Additionally, he is WAY into motorcycles so when I found Spidey on a motorcycle the whole thing came together perfectly!

This is one of my favorite photo from that day...#1 helping her little brother get the ball down the lane.

We invited a few family and #2's friends (with their families) to go bowling Sunday afternoon. We all had so much fun! Mr. K beat me (darn it) and the kids thought it was great when any of their scores were bigger than the grown-ups...happened more than the grown-ups would like to admit!

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