Monday, October 18, 2010

History is Alive :: Cuniform Tablets

When I asked #4 to pose to take his picture he wanted to take one of me too...
feeling like this was a messier, bigger, more involved project than I was expecting
made me want to hide my face too!

Our craft project for history last week was making cuneiform tablets. I thought this would be a relatively easy project. I had modeling clay from another project left over in my "craft supplies" tub. I figured I could hand out a blob of clay, the kids could all mash it and get it to a tablet form then I could help the little boys with the actual cuneiform writing.


The clay was much more difficult to work with than I imagined! #1 was the only one who had patience and strength enough to roll hers out to a tablet. The table, #4 and any tool we used was covered in clay. Miraculously the bathroom sink made it through just fine!

But we got really great looking names written in cuneiform on our tablets.

Now that they're dry we've strung ribbon through the holes and hung them in every one's room. Hey history!

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