Tuesday, February 21, 2012

:: Yarn Along ::

Joining Ginny again this week.


On the needles :: I got finished last week with a couple of baby projects but never got the gumption around to posting. So I posted about those yesterday...I'm quite smitten if you'd like to check them out.

I'm still working on #3's sweater. I started a sleeve. The nice thing is how quickly a sleeve goes for a little boy sweater. The down-side, how boring the knitting is. Dull. I started a washcloth I had inteded to make for baby but my JoAnn's Fabric only had 100% cotton which just isn't the soft-baby-wash-cloth-feel I was going for. I've found the idea in a pattern I photocopied awhile back and the author used cotton chenille so I'm on the lookout but not sure I want to spend any money...I'm kind of over the idea already. I want to pull out Mr. Wiedz's sweater but it is so complicated that when the evening comes all I really want to do is anything but pay attention to the pattern...sigh, that thing is never going to be done. What I really want to be knitting is a Milo vest. I have decided on a color too that will be fine for a boy or a girl. Problem is I don't have the yarn, don't have the money to go buy the yarn and don't have the pattern, nor the money to buy it either. Sigh.

On the nightstand :: I finished the whole Sisters of the Quilt Triology and it was SO good. I loved every bit of each book. I did pick up another book at the church library the other day, Candle in the Darkness, it's a Civil War historical fiction so I should enjoy it. Haven't started it yet.


Jen said...

Adorable baby projects, Stacy!

I wish I could help you out with your Milo problem.

Hurrayic said...

I know how you feel at times, but rather than focus on what you 'can't' do, maybe think of a sweater pattern that's free and yarn that you have already? The Pebble Vest is easy and free. Plain Vest and Little Sister's Dress (which could be made into a vest) are awfully nice too. That's easy for me to say btw, just hard to follow...
Your green sweater is very nice!

Kelly de Vries said...

I've never heard of the "Sister of the Quilt" trilogy. I'll have to check into it as a possible gift for my mom.