Friday, May 11, 2012

Two Months


Since I didn't get my post done about rowing Madeline , I give you our two month post.

Little Miss #6 is growing so quickly. Lots of little rolls. She had a two-month well baby visit to the doctor, and weighed 11lbs and 11oz. Dr. said she looked like she was eating well. She rewards eye contact and cooing at her with a sweet little smiles and coos and gurgles. The last few days she has discovered her tongue and is often trying to figure out what that strange thing is.

She is a great baby, sleeping in a predictable pattern that gives me some sleep if I choose to get it (aka, go to bed at a decent time). She is well loved by all of her siblings and tolerates #5's attention. Her sister (10 year old #1) is an awesome big help and adores having a sister!

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