Wednesday, May 9, 2012

:: Yarn Along ::

Another Wednesday, another post about my knitting and reading. Yarn Along with Ginny to see even more goodies.


On the needles :: Still plugging away with Mr. Wiedz's sweater. Still haven't decided if I'll do a plain back or work it in the pattern. I really want to do it plain but I'm not sure if it would look right. Ideas? 

I've gotten quite a few rows done on one-half of the front of #6's cardi. 

I finished the headband I was making with that purple and immediately cast on a shawl for myself with the yarn. I'm planning on this being my summer no-brainer, traveling project...anytime the pattern calls for enough increases to get into the hundreds of stitches I figure it'll take me awhile.

On the nightstand :: Still working on Jane Eyre . Actually haven't made it much further than last week's post. Borrowed The Hunger Games from a friend. #1 wants to read it and a friend of mine's daughter wants to read it. Friend is waiting on my opinion and #1 is anxious for me to decide if it's appropriate for her to read. I'm so tired by the time I get into bed I'm not sure when I'll take time to pick it up but I've heard once I do it'll be hard to put down...we'll see.


Swanski said...

Maybe the back can have some panels of stitch design, like seed stitch? I think that would look nice and the gauge won't be to goofy. Lovely work :)

Sarah said...

oh go on, read it! Its good :) I would be lazy and do a plain back.

Heather aka Proud Mama said...

Not sure on the back. I would say keep in pattern, but the realistic part of me says plain. I knit Multnomah last year and it flew off the needles. Good luck. HG is really good. You will fly thru it as well. Not sure on appropriateness for #1. I think only a parent can really decide that.

Emma said...

I would say, and I am no expert, that whatever you do, first test the gauge and adjust accordingly. You probably would have anyway, but I thought I should just mention it. I once simplified in a similar manner, and it did not end well... I am curious about the Hunger Games too, "they" say you just have to take three days and read the whole series and be done with it :)