Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New York: day 4

Day 4 was to be my last day in New York. It was meant to be a day of relaxing and enjoying.

Mr. Wiedz started by leaving early to catch his car to the golf course. He and his client played the Trump National course in Westchester. They had a good time but the course wasn't like the others they had played.

I slept in until about 8AM. Then lounged around, puttering on the computer and reading. I called the spa to see about booking a massage but they were all booked so I booked a pedicure. I had to hurry to get ready and be to the spa for my appointment. While getting my pedicure I decided to also have a manicure. Feeling pampered and relaxed I went up to the room afterward and finished the cheesecake from dessert the other night and waited until it was time to meet up with my shopping buddies.

Once together we went to Victoria's Secret and Stewart Wiesmen (shoes). One of the ladies in our group departed from there and went back to the hotel to exercise. Mr. Wiedz' associate and I took a cab to the Toys R Us on 34th. When we got out of the cab my jaw dropped...we were in Times Square!

Everything was bigger and moving so much faster and more crowded than where we had been at Central Park South. I was amazed and so thankful for the relative quiet of our end of the city.

We went to the Toys R Us. It was huge, with a working ferris wheel in the center. And then we walked about 12 blocks to the Forever 21 store. Found some neat things there. We took a cab back to the hotel and met up with Mr. Wiedz at a meeting.

I had arranged a massage for Mr. Wiedz before I left for shopping. I was struck by how exhausted he was and how wound up he was from all the working so I called the spa and booked him some down time. I figured since he was getting a massage I should too. So at 5:00 PM we both had a massage. I had to practically drag him from the meeting but he and I were so glad I had. The time away helped regain some clarity and go ahead with the rest of the business with a clear head and relaxed body.

After changing and getting ready we went down to the lobby to say good-bye to Mr. Wiedz' business associate who was flying out that night. We had drinks with another associate while we waited for his clients to join us for dinner. We took a car to a nearby restaurant called Milos. Great seafood that they cook fresh and simply. It is a restaurant where you order family style and they share all the dishes between the guests. We got to try two different kinds of fish and some delicious steamed veggies. Chocolate moose for dessert.

Another stroll back to the hotel after a great evening of visiting with clients/friends.

I had to pack while Mr. Wiedz took care of some business.

1:00 AM...sleep.

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