Monday, August 25, 2008

New York: day 3

We start the next day with a couple of options. Sleeping in, using the workout facility at the hotel, going for a walk in Central Park with Mr. Wiedz' boss, joining others for breakfast. As we left dinner the night before everything was optional...see ya when we see ya.

Mr. Wiedz' boss called at 6:50, "Are you coming walking?" Yep, we'll be right there.

Mr. Wiedz, boss man and myself took a great walk around Central Park. Longer than the first day, a little bit warmer, but it felt really great. Mr. Wiedz and boss man got some good things discussed. Mr. Wiedz likes these walks because boss man is focused and it is a great time to discuss strategy and set the tone or the goals for the day.

We returned to the hotel to change and I wanted to go to the toy store to finish picking up goodies for the kids. Mr. Wiedz and I walked to F.A.O. Schwarz, but they weren't open for another hour. We did not have time to wait so we walked back to the hotel so I could eat some breakfast.

After I ate we returned to our room and changed for the drive to Bridgehampton. The hotel had arranged SUVs to pick us up and drive us out to Bridgehampton for lunch and a polo event. I sat in the back and snoozed a little while the rest of the people visited and got to know one other more. We had a wonderful lunch catered by a restaurant. There were more people invited to that so we all sat at different tables and got to meet new people. It was a fun lunch. Then we were taken to the polo match.

A large tent, marked for VIPs, was flanked by smaller tents reserved for sponsors. Mr. Wiedz' company was one of the sponsors and had a tent area with refreshments. Not a lot of watching goes on at the polo. One of the regulars there shared with us that the polo had been rained out twice this season but the party still went on with hardly anyone noticing that there was no polo.

We got to the match just before half time. Mr. Wiedz and his business associates mingled and visited and networked with people at the event. After it was over, which seemed quite soon to me. We returned to the cars for the long drive back to the city. We arrived back at 9:30pm. Dinner reservations had been made but some of our party decided to go to bed instead so we canceled those reservations, changed and headed out with a smaller group to find something light and easy. We found a small Italian place, Serefina's, and had a great but light meal.

We walked back in no hurry and headed up to bed.


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