Sunday, August 17, 2008

Missed me, didn't you?

I've been on a bit of a blogging absence lately. #1, #4 and I traveled to Northern California to visit one of my closest friends and to help out with a couple days of babysitting. We've had tons of fun! Baby M is little, 5 months old, and very cute! #1 is having a great time with the additional adults that will listen to her AND they have TV which we do not have at home so she's in 7th heaven. #4 is his same old easy going self. Caught a little runny nose from Baby M so cries when I wipe his nose and husband M thinks that's the only time he cries.

We went to a mall nearby yesterday. We were in search of something fun but cool to do. It had been in the 100's everyday and intolerable to be outside other than 7:00 AM. We had a nice time. Found a summer dress on clearance for #1 and some other fun items. #1 found a store called Libby Lu, which markets to tween girls with all sorts of products covered in glitter and sparkles. She loved it and is still asking to go back!

Today we left #1 with husband M while my friend and I took the babies to the farmer's market. It was so big and crowded but we got some delicious tomatoes and grapes and other farm goods! I am looking forward to the tomatoes for dinner tonight.

Mr. Wiedz and #2 and #3 are having a great time at home without us. Our cat had 8 kittens! There was a huge thunder and lightening storm, another one our cats died, and they are now camping. Fun for everyone!

The kids and I fly home on Wednesday. I'm missing #2 and #3 and Mr. Wiedz.

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