Friday, August 22, 2008

New York: day 1

Mr. Wiedz and I are in New York! It is big, it is full of energy, it is fun! All the kids stayed a couple of nights with our wonderful Aunt M. And the rest of the trip is being handled by Grandma D! I am so blessed by these terrific women!

We took a early morning flight into JFK airport. Sat by a hilarious 16 year old who was traveling back to Africa where he lives with his father. Very confident young man whom I enjoyed visiting with. The flight was easy, although long, but I got to sit there and read. No one asked me to help them and I didn't have to hold anyone. It was great. The vacation really started for me with the plane ride!

We took a taxi from the airport to Manhattan to our hotel, The Essex House. The taxi wasn't too bad. It was fun to see the city as we passed through.

Our room wasn't ready when we arrived so we went to a little street cafe and had lunch. We got settled into our hotel room after that. I put my feet up and rested a bit while Mr. Wiedz took care of some email. I had gotten a headache, I think from the travel and possibly not drinking enough water throughout the day.

After a little rest we got ready and joined the rest of our party at the hotel restaurant for dinner. Mr. Wiedz had invited some clients that he has known for 6 plus years to come to New York and attend a match at the Bridgehampton Polo Club. Even though I have known these clients/friends I had never met them. Dinner was SO much fun visiting, sharing, laughing. It was great. Mr. Wiedz and I shared a steak dinner which was very tasty. It was a long dinner, I think we were the last out of the restaurant but it was because we were having such a great time.

I talked to Aunt M as we finished dinner, #4 was having a little bit of a hard time falling asleep and #2 was getting some alone time reading with Uncle C but everyone else was content and asleep.

Midnight, day 1...sleep!

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