Sunday, August 24, 2008

New York: day 2

After my head hit the pillow on day 1 I don't remember anything until Mr. Wiedz got up day 2.

It was 5:00AM (EST)!

I thought we should fall back asleep...he thought a power walk in Central Park.

Since I'm only in New York a few days it seemed wasteful to spend the morning asleep and not to experience everything I could... we got up and to the park.

We had a nice walk around the park, somehow managing to find our way back to the hotel.

Mr. Wiedz had to immediately shower and get to the car for his golf tee-time. He and his client and another business relationship played Bayonne. They thought the course was great and had a fabulous time. Actually, the part that has been raved about the most by both guys was the ferry ride to the course, going right passed the Statue of Liberty. A fantastic morning for Mr. Wiedz.

While Mr. Wiedz headed off the golf course I spent the morning in our room, relaxing, reading, sleeping a little more. I was invited to lunch by Mr. Wiedz' new boss and other business associates. We went to a nice Italian place and I had a great grilled shrimp salad. After lunch all my lunch friends went to get massages or to rest. Since I had already rested I wanted to hit the city. Our hotel is a couple blocks from 5th Avenue so I wandered down there. My final destination was The American Girl store. Knowing where I needed to end up I walked up one side of 5th Ave keeping an eye on the other side of the street so I'd know where I wanted to go on the way back.

Had a blast in the American Girl store, that is a crazy place! Also hit The Disney Store, 3 stories! On the way back I went to the Coach store and Banana Republic to find shoes that I'd seen at home and now wanted to pick up. (Mr. Wiedz had not packed my black shoes to go with my dress for dinner.) Mr. Wiedz' business associate met me at BR and we went together to The Gap and Victoria Secrets. Fun day...wouldn't you say?

I made it back to the hotel and met up with Mr. Wiedz and had a little rest. We got ready to go and met our party in the lobby to go to dinner. Dinner our second night here was FANTASTIC! We went to the Porterhouse. I had lobster, which was to die for and New York cheesecake for dessert! And our group had so much fun together again!

On the way back, nearly to our hotel, I notice the horse and carriages that line the park waiting for customers. I mention to Mr. Wiedz that we should go...when's the next time I'll be in New York? So he sets up a ride for ourselves and some clients. What a fabulous time. It was a nice quiet time with Mr. Wiedz, although he kept falling asleep, and a fun way to see the park!

Back to our room.


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Another Stacy said...

It's about time you had some adventures of your own! I love it! Glad you had such a wonderful time. xoxoxo