Thursday, March 26, 2009


The kids and I collaborated on a gift for my brother whom we're having a party for this weekend. He leaves for Iraq in May, this weekend is a family get-together to wish him well and let him know how much we'll miss him.

I saw this post about these great bookmarks with a link to download the instructions. I was telling the kids about them, thinking of future gifts for some people in our circle and they wanted to make one "for Uncle Bill to take with him to war". They worked on the drawing together and #1 wrote the name. I did the embroidering and the sewing to put it all together. I am so please with how it came out. So are the kids. What really makes me smile is my brother is a big Oregon State Beavers fan but my Duck fan kids picked yellow and green as the colors.

I hope that he will take this little reminder of us with him and think of us praying for him while he's gone.

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