Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break Recap

Oh my has it been busy around here!

We enjoyed a family day at Yaquina Head Lighthouse and Interpretive Center. We went to the tide pools and found all sorts of fabulous shells and even saw some rock seals resting on the rocks. We had a second day at the beach with Grandma D at Neskowin. Digging in the sand and making a sandcastle. It didn't rain on us the whole time but #3 got knocked down by a wave and was so drenched we had to go back to the car and changed. By the time we got loaded up and to the car it was raining.

After Yaquina Head we drove down to Florence to visit my cousin and family. #1 and my cousin's oldest were SO excited to see each other. And everyone got to hold the new little. We had dinner and then at bedtime we drove home. It made for a LONG night but everyone slept better in their own beds.

Part of coming home from Florence in the night was that the next day we'd have time to do some of the home projects we'd planned. One of the home projects was shelving in the closets we got during the remodel project. I keep much of my craft supplies in one of the closets and it was quickly becoming unusable as I piled more and more into it without a organization system. The shelves are WONDERFUL! I'm not quite done putting everything away but I've enjoyed being able to move around in there. And get to my stuff...especially my scrapbooking, it was becoming a heap without any hope!

The kids have gotten to get out some of our messier craft supplies as well. Mr. Wiedz found some great watercolor paper on super sale at the University Bookstore the last day of classes before the break. There have been some great masterpieces come out of our dining room table.
We've really enjoyed our Spring Break! We have one last great part to experience. This weekend we're having a party for my brother who will be deployed in May to Iraq. My whole family is getting together at the parents to let the kids play, visit, eat, be together and enjoy our family.
Have a great weekend.

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Aly sun said...

Productivity with a good dose of fun. Sounds perfect to me.