Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A weekend with a little and a quilt

A couple of months ago I got this little pile of fabric ready to make into a quilt for my cousins new little that was due in the beginning of March. Inspiration took a long time to strike so I didn't start the quilt until about a week before my cousin's scheduled c-section.

The top went together really quickly; the purple, blue and green polka dots (from my mom's stash) I did into four-patches and paired them with blocks of the cute alphabet fabric I found at Joann's. Then the quilting I had to just fit in whenever I could spare a moment or two for some stitches. I kept finding my quilting hoop with the needle stashed in the fabric against the backdrop of the rest of my day, cooking dinner, reading to the kids, settling down for a nap time or for the night.
I got to go to Florence this past weekend to meet the little miss that was born the 23rd of February. What made the weekend even more special was I got to go ALL. BY. MYSELF. I helped with laundry, cooked some meals, and held the little while mom was taking a shower or eating dinner.
I really liked this quilt and loved the way it quilted up. Cousin Scary (family nickname) really liked it and the little got cuddled in it but was otherwise unimpressed. I'm sure it'll be a "special blankie" sometime soon.
As a side-note, I'm wondering what people pay for baby shower gifts. Please leave a comment letting me know a range of the money you're willing to pay for a gift for a shower or a new baby. I've turned on anonymous comments so PLEASE leave a comment, even if you don't know how, and let me'll help me really!


Ratzlaff Reflections said...

I typically like to do around $20. If I can get away with less, I certainly will. I usually buy baby clothes on clearance in the off season. I used to have a little stash of adorable outfits that were all around $3, but that has dwindled. So, yes, I have given $3 baby shower presents!! Lately I have become more generous with the newest "littles" (I love that you call them that!) in my family and went totally overboard for my newest nephew. I plan to do the same when my next nephew is born in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

I love the quilt. Very cute. My gift giving really depends on the person it is for. Family and really close friends (who have also been very generous to me), I usually spend about $50. For someone at church that I don't know very well, I keep super sale outfits in a gift closet and don't spend more than $5. I often include a pouch of diaper wipes and a cute outfit and no one knows how cheap I am ;). For other friend's showers, I do the same technique, but will often make a blanket, simple flannel with no piecing, plus a cute outfit taking my total to more like $15. Hope that helps.

Aly sun said...

You should do a poll (in the sidebar under layouts). That is a easy way for people to vote without commenting (it is so hard you know).

The quilt you made is really sweet.

Another Stacy said...

I try to keep it around $20.