Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rowing :: Beavers

Really there is no BFIAR book about beavers but #3 had checked out a bunch of beaver books from the library and asked if we could do beaver activities last week. Who could say no to that, especially not someone who hadn't planned anything else to do. Beavers it is!

We read the beaver books that #3 had checked out of the non-fiction section of the library, an interesting article from, and a myth about beavers.

I printed a bunch of activities from the and the boys had fun with making the little books, copying words and coloring pictures.


#3 spent many minutes copying words into his classification book. I was so excited to see him try so hard and take pride in his "school work".


#4 also spent time working on tracing the letters of his name! The best he's done yet!



#2 helped #4 keep all his pieces straight and put them together to make the beaver craft. Such a helpful brother!

State animal ::

As it turns out beavers are the state animal of Oregon. So we looked at an Oregon State flag and discussed beavers being a symbol of our state. We also mentioned that the University of Oregon's rival Oregon State University's mascot is a beaver because of it being a symbol of our state.

It was a fun week with beavers.

Links ::

coloring page
paper craft - I used the "tough" beaver
interesting features book - really fun way to understand what they remembered from our reading
answer key - I wouldn't normally think I needed this but it came in handy for the classification and interesting features books!

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