Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#2's 8th Indie Party

What seems like many, many moons ago I was due with #4 really close to #2's birthday, October 1st. Of course way back in beginning of that pregnancy I just convinced myself I'd go as far as I could so that their birthdays wouldn't be too close to each other. That was the plan until I was 39 weeks pregnant after a l.o.n.g., hot summer. When my doctor said come in tomorrow and I'll break your water it no longer mattered that it was just one day after #2's birthday. We'll have combined parties. They'll be best friends. When they get older they can have separate friend parties. It'll work. Let's have this baby. now.

So this year #2 had his first friends party. When we started birthday plans in September we worked out that the family party would be combined but would focus more on the theme that #4 picked, Batman, and the friends party would have all his siblings attending but would be his theme choice and his "own" party.

So I started with some internet searches for ideas for Indiana Jones parties. Some ladies have done some real big parties but I was able to add some ideas to my Pinterest board for the party. Things I thought were doable with a small budget and not too much time.

I made invitations on my new Creative Memories program, sbcStudio. I found a world map outline online that I copy and pasted, I turned it not so opaque and wrote the info on top of that. I put a brownish colored "paper" behind everything and printed them out. Then came the fun part! I used the stove top to burn the edges making it look like an old map. The boys thought the whole burning process was so AWESOME!

Didn't get a pic of the finished product but we were all very satisfied!

Once we got to party time or nearly so then it was really time to get to work!

The cake I found online and made the actual cake part in my mini baking bowl from pampered chef (I looked for my bowl but they don't carry it anymore...sorry). A little bit of carving when it was cool and the day of the party I frosted it and layed out the little scene. #2 loved his cake! I didn't add the candles until cake time because I didn't think they "went" with it.


We used extra cake pieces from the carving of the boulder to use as stands for sprigs of greenery from the trees outside to finish our scene. Oreo cookies smashed up make up the "dirt".

Party time arrived and we were ready. I had found brown hats at the dollar store which were a good reprenstation of an Indiana Jones hat. I told #2 he was lucky his birthday is the same month as Halloween, lots of good finds that wouldn't be available in say, June. We also had legos out so there could be some building and visiting while everyone arrived.

Then we needed a mummy for our Indie adventures. Mr. Wiedz is completely hands-off when it comes to party planning so a couple of days before I asked him if he'd act as our mummy and he said, "whatever." Well, whatever is not a good answer when it means the next day you are standing in the middle of the living room having toilet paper wrapped around you by five 6-8 year olds! It was great! After they got him all wrapped up he chased them around the yard, even making all the right mummy noises! Yea for an awesome dad!



I had meant to buy silly string while at the dollar store but forgot. The kids would have totally gotten into spraying the mummy...oh well.

After all that excitement we came in to do a little archeology hunting.


I had prepared 3 "fields" to reach into and find all sorts of treasures. If you count plastic spiders, snakes and glow in the dark rats as treasure. Monkey brains (cold spaghetti noodles), eye-ball soup (grapes in water) and snake guts (green jello) were a huge hit with all the boys. I gave each boy a plastic cup to put their treasures into then Mr. Wiedz and a dad that stayed washed them up for the boys.


After cake and presents we decorated treat bags, brown paper lunch sacks that they drew spiders, snakes and other decorations on along with their names. We filled the bags with their washed tresures from the archeology hunt and some gummy rats, gummy snakes (gummy worms really, I wasn't willing to spring for the 3 foot long snakes) and gold chocolate coins (Indie has to find some real treasure at some point). The boys ran around like wild indians until their mom's all came back for them.


#2 was thrilled with his "friends" party and that makes me a happy party planner.

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