Thursday, October 27, 2011

History is Alive :: Edible Oasis


After we were done in India and Gupta dynasty's rule of the Golden Age of India we traveled south to the Arabian Peninsula. Again, the beginning of our study had us discussing the climate of the area. How dry and hot the peninsula is. What better way to remember what an oasis is than by eating one! So much sugar on one plate, though. Brown sugar made the sand (I told the kids not to actually eat all of the sand on their plates), m&m's make a small "pool" of water that the animal cookies are drinking from (the instructions even include making sure there is a camel at the pool). I cut fruit by the foot into leaves and stuck them to a pretzel stick "trunk". All of the pieces are secured to the plate with white frosting.

Everyone had a great time with our afternoon learning snack.

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