Monday, October 31, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

This year in the garden we planted three pumpkin plants...and got two small pumpkins.

Mr. Wiedz's friend grows pumpkins every year and brought us three nice sized ones this year.

#1 went to a local pumpkin patch with her girl scout troop and picked out a pumpkin.

So, is a trip to the pumpkin patch really necessary when we already have all the pumpkins we need?


I think so.

We looked at the pumpkins and sat on the boxes for group pictures. We did all the little photo opportunity cut-outs. But we left all the pumpkins there.


We did come home with a new box of apples though. Delicious apples.


And there was a lot of running around on top of the hay maze by almost everyone. (Another mom watching her child in the hay maze was not thrilled by Mr. Wiedz fun!)

A great day at the orchard!

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