Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Girls Weekend




My mom's birthday is January 2nd. And she has "suffered" with that close-to-the-holidays birthday for quite some time :). We don't mean to forget. Personally, I have some of the greatest intentions but that week between Christmas and New Years just flies and before I know it it is too late to do anything. Some years too late to get a card out on time. sigh.

This year at Early Christmas (November) my sister posed an idea to my dad, my sister-in-laws and I. A girls weekend to celebrate Mom's birthday. Sounds great. We were all in. Dad even offered to spring for pedicures.

So after a couple of months of Facebook message conversations and some texts and some trying-to-be-sneaky phone conversations with my dad we had a surprise girls weekend. Not on her really is just a crazy time with the holiday and this year the Duck game on her birthday...but for the whole weekend after.

What a time we had. Dad really did spring for pedicures (and manicures!). We ate out. We visited. We made delicious food on our own and ate in. We slept in. We stayed up late. We went to the mall. In the 15ish years we've all been married into this family together we've never done anything without our children and husbands and it felt great to be friends and sisters for the weekend.

Memories to last a lifetime.

And major points for when we forget to send the card on time next year :).

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