Saturday, January 14, 2012

Moments to Remember :: The Best Anatomy Lesson

Joining Carisa, and many others, remembering a moment this week.
Holding it close and keeping track of it.


#1 came with us to my 31 week ultrasound. We saw all four heart chambers, pumping. We saw the stomach and the kidneys and the umbilical cord. Amazing. #1 asked great questions. The best anatomy lesson ever!

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Jenny said...

It's awesome you let her go with you to your ultrasound. I bet she was full of awe. I sure was when I saw that picture of that little baby pop up on the monitor.

Stopping by from moments to remember.

Carisa said...

Oh wow, so cool!!!

jess_hak said...

How fun!! What a fantastic way to include older siblings with pre-baby care. I may have to consider that when we go in for mine. :)

MomLaur said...

Oh wow! What an awesome way to learn anatomy! and what a clear view of baby's face!

Another Stacy said...

I'm not a fan of the 3-D ultrasound, but this one looks pretty cute!! S/he looks like the rest of your adorable littles! Did you accidentally see any of the nether-region? :)