Thursday, January 12, 2012

History is Alive :: Pilgrim's Badges


I was really looking forward to getting to the Crusades in our history book. I, of course, knew about the Crusades a little bit. But I also knew it wasn't the best time in history and I wondered how the book would cover it. I thought they did a great job. Just right for the ages I've got and we read some read-along books which provided some additonal "sides" of the story and gave us some things to discuss. Our craft that went along with our chapter was pilgrim badges. We have read a little bit of The Canterbury Tales so we had a vauge idea of "going on a pilgrimage". We read a bit more from our book, decided which badge we'd like from the Activity Book, colored it and wore them. Even #5 needed a badge on his shirt. They were so cute. My friend came over later that day and when #2 started telling her about his badge and why people wore them she decided he knew more history than her. *smile*

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