Thursday, September 30, 2010


We're celebrating today! All weekend, actually, as we have another birthday tomorrow!

I wrote all about greeting #2 into the world and how I felt about the little guy a couple of years ago. So this year I thought I'd share some great #2 pics I found in this computer. They all made me smile and are HIM.

:: his chore was sweeping. grammie n suggested he vacuum since the broom was too big.
:: he hates loud noises. grammie n suggested wearing a stocking hat to cover his ears.
:: another spring cold turned bronchitis or pneumonia.
a new baby brother in the house meant covering real well or
wearing the mask from the hospital.
:: always in costume.
:: nature lover. found a snake. followed it around the yard all afternoon.
:: artistic. so creative. so detailed.
:: see him right in the middle of the fish-cleaning lesson.
totally into seeing how a fish is put together and what it all looks like.
:: always in costume!
:: see those freckles across his nose. love. love. love.
:: wanted to hear the crab scream as they went into the boiling water.
:: takes his job as crab counter and master-in-charge-of-the-crab-cooler very seriously.
:: had heard about a string tied between a tooth and the door pulling out the
tooth and had to try.
:: finally went to the diving board. needed just a little assistance
to jump.
:: is good at school. likes to be good at his work. hates to write.
loves to color.
:: loves playing games. all games.
:: hates getting his face in the water.
:: got over it and loved being thrown into the water over and over.
Oh, #2, I love you so!

Happy Birthday!

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