Tuesday, February 8, 2011

B is for Bubble

After realizing #3 would be in kindergarten next year I decided on a course of action to make our ABC book and make sure he had all the letters down well.

Last week we started with A, of course, and finished the week with B.

Again because we were reading The Snowy Day I thought these bubble prints fit nicely. I found the idea on delightful learning.

First I filled a cake pan with water, soap and food coloring. The boys blew and blew. We got nothing. No bubbles made prints on the paper...

So I went back to my handy dandy internet. Looked up the page I'd originally seen the idea and found that actually following directions is the best way to get good results.

Little bit of water, a couple tablespoons of soap and tempra paint (called for powder but I used regular and it worked just fine).

We tried again. Got a good amount of bubbles and made...

Bubble prints!

I've mounted the little boys' on paper to put into their ABC books. The rest (because, you know the big kids *and I* needed to do this activity too) will be made into cards.