Monday, February 7, 2011

Rowing :: Snowy Day

The Snowy Day

I think I may have figured out what makes #3 like or dislike our school book. The ones that are stories, like The Snowy Day, he enjoyed all week. The ones that are lists or just pictures, like ABC Bunny or Goodnight Moon, he is fighting me by Thursday's reading.

Of course I picked the sunniest and warmest week of January/February that I can remember to do The Snowy Day. It was a fun story. Both #3 and #4 enjoyed it and couldn't wait for their favorite spots. Seems like our activities were a little more art-y in nature. We did our narration page for the book but no sequencing or math or letter recognition. It was a fun week though.

Hand Strengthening ::

Our handy chopsticks were pulled out and the boys moved cotton balls (like snow, right) from the table to the bowls and back again.

Snowman snack ::

I found these snacks on the internet (link below) and thought the kids would get a kick out of them...I was right. They were a big hit!

Finger painting ::

Good ole shaving cream...again snow, right! This was probably the activity the boys have stuck with the longest, ever. #3 dove right in and had a great time making swirls and letters in his shaving cream. #4 took a minute, looked at me like I was crazy then proceeded to make a fantastic mess.

A winter tree ::

Another idea, I think from delightful learning or possibly homeschool share, I drew a basic tree shape on the paper then they painted it and sprinkled glitter on. Just like the book, a tree covered in snow.

We also did some alphabet work but I'm going to post those in separate posts so I can find them later.

All in all a great week. A sweet story.

Rowing next: The Carrot Seed

Links ::

snowmen treats

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