Monday, February 7, 2011

A is for Angel

The other day I realized #3 will be in kindergarten next year! Oh my! That got my wheels turning and planning what I'd need to do next year and also what I wanted to make sure was done this year.

#3 is not reading. He just turned 5 so I'm not all that concerned about it. He also has a speech delay which makes making sounds frustrating and difficult. Just in the last couple of months he's started singing his ABC's. So we've taken this year as a year to work on letter recognition...and we're almost 100% there (with the capitals)!

One thing I wanted to make sure was done as this school year came to a close was letters down pat. I also wanted to make a ABC book with #3 (and #4 by default) like I've done with the other kids. So each week I've planned a letter or two to make a cute picture for and practice the letter really well. Each day we also go through our letter cards saying the name and sound of each letter.

This week we started where everything should start...A. And since we were reading The Snowy Day that week we made snow angels just like the book.

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