Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sibling gifts

The last couple of birthdays have included a new activity around the World of Wiedz. A lot of planning and sketching and hidden making time. So cute!

#1 is the most involved at this point. #2 could care less and really hasn't jumped in yet. #3 was very thoughtful and specific about what he wanted to do. #4 is very last minute about his gifts but so determined!

#3's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and included a couple handmade, sibling gifts.

#4 insisted on making a stuffed shoe. We got home from taking #3 to his speech school ON his birthday and #4 saw #1 finishing her gift and just had to join in! I drew a shoe shape, cut it out of muslin, stitched it together, let him draw all over the outside...

He insisted the green across the shoe reads "happy birthday [#3] from [#4]!" So cute!

Then stuffed it nice and full... I finished it off with a whip-stitch and we were in business.

#1 on the other hand had planned out her gift for many weeks...though it did take us until that very day to get it finished! Our #3 is crazy about soccer so #1 made him a soccer ball pillow. I used this project to finish off a couple of Girl Scout requirements. She was really pleased with how it came out.

So was he!

Since we're all here, I might as well show off the sibling-made gifts for #2 and #4's birthdays many months ago...

#3 made #2 a bookmark (inspired by Soulemama's Homemade Home or The Creative Family, I can't remember and don't want to spend my internet time figuring out which one :)) and made #4 a pillow with a spider drawn on it. He was very proud of both and helped or did the work himself!

#1 used a book from the library as her inspiration for new warmy bags for each of her brothers. Decorated with fabric pens to match them in personality and likes. She sewed them herself too!

I'm loving this new tradition and will work on nurturing it both in creativity and the attitude of giving. Though I may try to get things done before the DAY of a birthday!

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