Saturday, February 26, 2011

History is Alive :: Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Again our history came along the other week with another fabulous activity to bring home our topic. This week we talked about the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar and his marrying the Persian princess so that Persia wouldn't attack Babylon. This arrangement worked well for Persia too who were worried that Babylon would attack them. 

Who it didn't work well for was the Persian princess. She agreed to the marriage but was lonely for the beautiful Persian mountains once she was living in dry, flat, boring Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar it turns out loved the princess as soon as he saw her and wanted to make her happy.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were born.

So we set out to make our own hanging gardens. We went to our neighborhood nursery (really our neighbors, Johnson Bros Greenhouses) and picked out plants. The selection was limited because we are quite early in the planting season but I was THRILLED to find ranunculus. I see these plants each year in baskets and containers but by the time I'm buying plants they are gone...not this year! 

Each kid picked out a trailing pansy and I picked out 4 ranunculus plants for the center of the baskets. #5 helped too!

After lunch and quiet time we got out our planting supplies and filled our baskets with potting soil and planted out plants. Everybody buddied up for the filling and picking of plants.

And the carrying of the finished products to the back yard.

We stood around and admired our finished work.

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