Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little something for my water

I've had a problem all school year. We're working right along or sitting at the table together reading through our history. Then I pass out papers. And one lands in the puddle of water left from my water glass. Of course everything has to pause while we get another piece of paper. And that's if it wasn't a project paper that was just ruined by the water.

So I've had a coaster brewing in my mind. Of course that means I need some sewing time and that is rather hard to come by...

After reading Soulemama's post about practical sewing, last night was my night! I dug through my scrap basket and pulled together a coaster.

No more water puddles!

The blue stripe was from a quilt attempt for #5. My mom has passed on the red star in the center and the purple batik binding. The green? Many moons ago (like 12? years) some friends from church made an apron for another friend out of this 50's appliance/housewife fabric. I loved it. They gave me some of the scraps and I've had some little pieces floating around the basket since then. This was the perfect project to fit them into! I love that I'll get to look at it everyday...

Love it!

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Another Stacy said...

love love love love love the retro fabric!!! :)