Monday, February 14, 2011

Rowing :: The Carrot Seed

The Carrot Seed 60th Anniversary Edition

We "rowed" The Carrot Seed this week. Such a cute book! The character is nameless which didn't sit well with us so we named him, #3 thought Carrot and #4 chose Caden. Our week was really packed with other things but I love how these things just fit right in low pressure and make wonderful memories.

A carrot sizing book. Really simple. They cut everything put themselves and glued the carrots in the right spots.

 In the Kitchen ::

What's a week about carrots without carrot cake. This idea was also in the science book we are using right now but I wasn't up for having four kids in the kitchen. The boys measured, cracked, stirred, grated...all the great parts of being in the kitchen.

We had cake after dinner that night, our favorite night of the week, the first evening no one has to go anywhere! No one was big fans (loved the cream cheese frosting though) so Mr. Wiedz took the rest to the neighbors.

Math ::

I found a website with a fun idea about graphing the seeds. They counted apple seeds for a week. We were eating through a bag of pears and a bag of apples last week so I decided to graph both together depending on our snack each morning.

Getting apple seeds out of the apples turned out trickier than I would have thought. The boys had fun counting seeds each day though. At the end of the week we talked about which one gave us the most seeds, what day we got the most, etc.

Carrot Prints ::

And we broke out the paints again this week! Oh my! I gave each boy a plate of paint, a carrot with the top cut off and a piece of paper. They could use the top as a round stamp and the rest of the carrot to roll around and get the long side print. They really liked this one!

 Planting ::

Lastly we planted some seeds in paper towels/jars. I'm hoping to update this post with growing seeds showing their roots, stems and leaves through the jars. Keep your fingers crossed!

Overall, a great book and a lot of fun activities that the boys and I enjoyed. We are taking a week off from "rowing" but I'm continuing our alphabet work and will post about those soon.

Next up: The Red Carpet (though not for a couple of weeks).

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