Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A frozen moment in time.......... (Guest blog, Mr. Wiedz) ((Amended))

I have grown to have a deep appreciation for Mrs. Wiedz blog.  Partially because I know how much she enjoys "capturing the moment", sharing with her followers.  I am constantly amazed the she has developed a visitor following from all over the world, those that have similar passions, interests and lifestyle.  The blogging world has given her an avenue to share the simplicities of daily life.

As much as I appreciate and respect the enjoyment she gets out of the blogging, my personal fulfillment comes from reading and observing the captured moments, those that I am told about when I get home after a busy days work, often unprocessed or appreciated for months.  You see, the World of Wiedz is much more than a blog, it is a snapshot of time, a frozen moment that forces one to stop, think, process and appreciate, life's greatest simplicities.

We recently found out that my father has an aggressive form of prostate cancer.  The process will be  difficult, but Grandpa G will fight.  We live in a world of great tragedy.   I occasionally find myself bogged down, focused on death instead of life.  Mrs. Wiedz moments allow me to remember, that life is best lived in the little moments, those I share with my father, son's, daughter, and spouse.  The moments of #2 shielding #5 from water, a pure love, the simple clothesline, the canned strawberry jam, the knitted fishing sweater, the process of homeschooling all recorded in time.

In closing, I am reminded of a lesson from my wife, the love of my life.  I will share with her life, the birth of our children and the death of those we love, high's and lows.  Life's path is not about a sprint to the finish, it's about the reflection and appreciation of small incremental moments in time.

5:55pm 7-19-2011
A frozen moment in time, speechless, only guided by God's greater plan for Mrs. Wiedz and our lives.  Something happened tonight that goes beyond logic, understanding.  Something that commands an unrelenting faith.  It seems as if my life is a broken record, just when we have hit our stride, a bump in the road, although this as it seems might be a mountain.  For those of us that know us, please be patient as everything will be revealed in time.  A riddle, "As we take a leap of faith, the new year is upon us, bringing together new and old, life and death, happiness and sadness, some would say a man is impetuous, some would say blessed, how might God honor those he loves".

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Anne said...

What a tribute Mr. Wiedz! You get brownie points! Thanks for sharing!