Wednesday, July 20, 2011

:: Yarn Along ::

Joining Ginny, over at small things, again with yarn along. A single photo of a current knitting or crocheting project with a current read. I am really loving these posts, taking a moment to think about what and why I'm knitting or reading. I read...a lot. And I knit...not as much as I'd like but I do have 2-4 projects going either on the needles or in my brain. 

I do love seeing what others are knitting and can always use some reading suggestions! Leave a comment so I can see what you're up to. And go over to Ginny's to see what others are up to.


On the needles :: Mr. Wiedz's sweater. The pattern is starting to emerge which is totally exciting and it's the kind of pattern that only works when you've done the row before correctly. So I'm really excited that I'm starting to see a pattern which means I'm doing it RIGHT! Sometimes though I am needing some mindless knitting, Mr. Wiedz's sweater does not fit into this category, so I picked up #2's sweater and started working on the sleeves. Some miles of stockinette stitch is just what I need sometimes to balance Mr. Wiedz's pattern.

On the nightstand :: I go through phases with my reading, and right now is just not a reading time. I've checked out a few books from the library but I can't get into them. I have been doing a lot of prep work for history and school for the fall though. I'm almost done planning history lessons and now I get to plug everything into the calendar and match #3's FIAR books and other plans.


Amy Caroline said...

Just a wee warning on The Story if the World Vol. II. I really enjoyed volume one but the second one had some historical errors. When I read them it was enough to make me get rid of the book and to not even sell it because I didn't think it I should pass it on to others. I was sad about that too as my kids and I really enjoyed volume one.

Mo said...

just to let you know I bought another book through you on Amazon!Love Me

amanda {the habit of being} said...

We've really enjoyed Story of the World! And I can't wait to see that sweater...I see a hint of cables ;-)

no spring chicken said...

I know what you mean about the pattern emerging and the elation you feel when it looks the way it's supposed to! I can also relate to the mindless knitting in the same bag for switching off... :)

Blessings, Debbie

pippasmum said...

I LOVE the look of the sweater that is emerging. And I agree, with a highly counted pattern, it's so exciting to see the pattern actually falling into place. It's a bit like magic!

Elizabeth said...

Oh it is so exciting to finally see a pattern emerge. We really enjoyed The Story of the World.

Thanks for stopping by for a blog visit. I'm hoping the felting works out too.

Blessings, Elizabeth

house full of jays said...

We've really enjoyed the first volume of Story of the World.
Love the look of the sweaters!