Monday, September 19, 2011

Science :: Cells

We are all excited about science in the World of Wiedz this year. Last year was not such a great year in science. My little students wanted more than I was prepared to give them. I like to think that since it was our first year, I was just keeping my head above water with the homeschool stuff so science suffered. This year though is different...real cirrculum different...a plan different. And it is going really well.

This year we are doing two things differently. One, we are using Apologia Anatomy and Physiology as our cirrculum. Wow! This is my first experience with Apologia and they are not messing around. Now we are only one chapter in but I have to say that the information is great, age-appropriate, engaging, and interesting. I went ahead and got the notebooking books for each of my "school-aged" kids, getting the "junior"version for my kinder. They really love them!

The next new thing we are doing is that we have joined forces with our friends, the U's. Each family is working on the same chapter for about 2 weeks. During the second week we are meeting (alternating houses) and doing some of the "funner" experiments and the bigger notebooking activities. All the kids are thrilled with this aspect of our science since they all love the children in the U family.

This past Tuesday was our first get together.

We made our "personal persons".

We did a notebooking activity, the cell wheel. My kids had already done the part of the chapter that talks about each organella of the cell so this was good reinforcement and the U kids hadn't gotten to that part yet so this was a good introduction to the unit...isn't it great how that works out?



And to top it off, Mrs. U had all the supplies for each child to make their own edible cell. Anyone say sugar shock?




I've never seen #4 sit through a school lesson that was a little over his head so well before and he loved the edible cell part - almost as much as the epic lightsaber battle in the yard afterward.

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