Monday, September 12, 2011

Out With It


I had all sorts of plans for this post. Photos I wanted to take. Eloquent words to say.

But I've just got to come out with it.

We're having another baby!

And we are thrilled. All of us.

I couldn't believe when the test came up positive, you can check out this post to help you remember why, and looked at it more than once (even digging it out of the garbage to check again). But at the same time the symptoms I was having were getting a little obvious.

I've seen the mid-wife and everything looks wonderful. I'm about 14 weeks and due about March 8th.

Yes, we know we are crazy.

We believe that God really wants this little person part of our family.


Aly sun said...

Congratulations! Love watching your "crazy" family grow and love in Jesus. So encouraging to me.

Another Stacy said...

Love the pic you chose!

Stefanie said...

I have to admit, part of me is a little jealous :) I'm still on a baby-high here. But I had a tubal and remain a little sad here.

It'll just take me awhile to remember all the other things I LOVE besides babies babies babies.

And also this last pregnancy was a wee bit hard. Still I love that I can follow your pregnancy now.

Take care of yourself!