Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We decided to ease into school.

I thought the kids were ready for a change in schedule...more routine. More "doing" something. We're not great at a free open day of doing nothing around here. The lazy, relaxing summer days had gotten long and old.

So we started before Labor Day. We had a great week! I was a little tired. But I am able to see where we might adjust things. What went well. Where we need something else. Expecting my kids to sit a look at their Bibles for 30 minutes might be unrealistic, 15 minutes is probably a better place to start to encourage a love for being in the Word and not dread. Grammar rotations went well except having 3 boys together watching out for each other might need a little more incentive/direction.

I had a couple moments of worry and fear but I'm confident that the Lord brought us to this season in our lives. One step in front of the other, "the Word is a lamp unto my feet", using the schedule, not being ruled by it.

Loving that I don't have to say good-bye to my kids these next few days and send them off to school...I've always missed them when they're gone.

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