Monday, September 27, 2010

some knitted goods for grandma

My grandma was over for a visit a couple months ago. While she was here #1 was practically attached to her. Sitting with her and visiting the whole time she was here, I loved it.

We were showing Grandma all the different projects we had going and #1 pulled out a fingerless mitten I had made awhile back. I had already taken apart the pair to use the yarn to finish another project and this mitten just lays about at the bottom of the knitting basket waiting for another life.

Grandma looked at the mitten and realized she would love a pair. They would be just right to keep her hands warm but would not hurt her fingers as other gloves do. The arthritis in her hands has gotten quite bad in the past couple of years and traditional gloves restrict her fingers too much.

I love being asked to knit something! So to the yarn store #1 and I went looking for a soft yarn that wouldn't itch in a great grandma color!

And so I've been traveling with yarn and knitting needles since.

to the beach

to the pool

in the car

This week I got the knitting done and blocked them and this weekend while we've spent most of the time resting and relaxing I got them put together.

#3 modeled them for me too. Actually all the kids had to have a turn trying them out. All agreed they were soft and warm...perfect for grandma!

I'm excited to send these off tomorrow. My sister said something when we were at the park where I was working on them about it being a fun project knowing that the grocery clerk, the bank teller and all grandma's friends at the senior center will know what a fabulous grandchild she has...who knit her some fingerless mitts!

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