Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Now Go!...

Awhile back I made up this series of titles...

The intention was to report on our homeschool adventure as we started out this year. I've gotten a little sidetracked...

Get Ready! hasn't been written yet, the plan is a post about actually getting the curriculum ideas and plan worked out.

Get Set! is posted about "School Prep Weekend 2010".

Go! is also posted about our trial week.

Or Not! as we left for a discount vacation after Labor Day.

And here we are, at Now Go! I'd written myself a note that this post was to be about really doing school and how it was going. I can't really report on how's it's going because it's just the first day.

We called today the first day of school. I even had the kids dress in newish clothes (no "back-to-school" shopping this year) and stand on the front porch for first day pictures. #1 rolled her eyes at me :)

My trial week did exactly what I was looking for; gave us some much needed routine to our end of summer boredom and showed me where my schedule needed to be reworked. Our Bible time was planned to be 15 is just 5 minutes of "reading" on our own, but now includes 5 minutes of reading a daily Proverb together and praying through the ACTS acronym together.

Today, as I knew if the Lord had led us differently I would have been putting the kids on the bus, we started our day in the Word together as a family. Did it go perfectly? Nope. All of the kids' eyes glassed over as I read Proverbs 13. #4 scaled the couches and his siblings as we talked about Thanksgiving and Supplication. But we did it and we will continue to do it until the "get it". That "from the fruit of his lips a man enjoys good things, but the unfaithful have a craving for violence" (Proverbs 13:2). And they know that the Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication they give the Lord is the foundation to talking to Him as a friend.

The school day ended just like any first day of school too...

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