Monday, September 20, 2010


The Wiedz family headed out for a family vacation a couple days after Labor Day. Mr. Wiedz's aunt and uncle own a condo at Sunriver in Eastern Oregon. When Mr. Wiedz called her to set up a time for our family to rent the place she let him know the rental fee during the summer months and the rental fee after Labor Day. Always the bargain hunters, and at the time newly decided on homeschooling, we went with the after Labor Day dates for the significant savings and stretching our new homeschooling muscles with an unconventional vacation date!

We packed up our family games in case of needing to be in the condo. And found the condo came with a small stash, including Battleship! Oh, what a success that game was! So many destroyers sank! #2 has promptly but it on every gift-giving idea list. The first evening we were there was a little chilly so we made ourselves a fire and got out some games. Just the perfect kind of family vacation fun we were looking for.

We also packed all the children's bikes for use on the fantastic paved bike/walking trails throughout Sunriver. We rented bikes and a baby trailer for ourselves to use and by the end of the trip purchased the whole package as the rental place sells off their inventory at the end of the season for a great discount. Mr. Wiedz got a lot of use from the bike and trailer and the car remained parked for the duration of the vacation.

#4 still uses a trike, the paths and the kind of riding the big kids/Mr. Wiedz were doing just weren't for trike-riding so we let him ride around in the parking lot and I took him on his own ride one afternoon. He was so excited about going on a bike ride! Every time we'd mention loading up for a bike ride he would run out and get on his trike, it would take a lot of discussion to get him in his trailer.

One of our bike rides was to the resort park. The kids had a great time climbing, swinging, running, and playing.

Of course there was the pool for use by the condo visitors/residents. The first couple of days was kind of chilly but most of our days there the weather was perfect and the kids and Mr. Wiedz had so much fun doing "cannon balls" in the pool. There was a kiddie pool and a hot tub that #4 liked the most.

While we were there I realized how much work a vacation is. Mr. Wiedz and I were exhausted. Mr. Wiedz won an award for keeping up with the kids...they would come in from a bike ride peeling off their clothes to change into swimsuits for a swim then get back in from swimming ready for another bike ride. One of the days Mr. Wiedz went back and forth with the children, 3 bike rides (2-4 miles long) and 2 45-minute swims. I had it easy with #5 in the condo taking naps and knitting mostly.

Before we left #1 kept saying how she hoped this would be the best vacation EVER! and I think we accomplished that!

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