Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We picked. We Waited. I canned!

I knew it was coming. Canning season comes every year...every year I am a mix of excited, love the shelves lined with pretty fruit, and dread, oh the work!

This year I mix starting school and a planned vacation right when peaches would be coming on.

Last Thursday I thought was a good day for picking but...

I was leaving for the weekend, would the fruit go bad while I was away?

When we got back it would only be for a couple days, would the fruit be READY so I could get it done in time?

We're leaving again for family vacation, could I fit all the preparations in with canning?

Well, the fruit was READY! And I got 14 quarts done Monday evening. I'm hoping to make a batch of peach jam, I've never tried before, to use up the rest of the peaches. 14 quarts is the least I've ever done but I'm so please to have gotten it done at all, I'll take it!

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