Tuesday, March 1, 2011

History is Alive :: Assyrian Siege Towers

I'd forgotten about our siege towers.

A couple of weeks ago we covered Assyria and their war abilities to conquer cities even with large, thick walls. The Assyrian Siege Towers allowed them to get right up to the wall and ram it down. This tactic allowed the Assyrians to conquer much territory and make themselves an empire.

Our activity book suggested breaking out the legos and building siege tower that roll. You know, so we could roll them up to our city walls and attack!

We built then we narrated. #2 was going to draw a siege tower but I suggested printing out a picture of the one he had built. I wish I'd let him draw it but he was trilled with the picture.

"We made a siege tower. The Assyrians used siege towers to conquer other cities." -#2

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