Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A mama-knit vest for #5

Wow! A lot of knitting posts right now...

I've finished up some projects the last couple of days. I'm so excited about this one!

I first saw this vest in a Soulemama's post. And the first one I made was the first actual garment I ever knitted. I loved it and put #5 in it nearly daily even though it didn't start really fitting him until summer. I think I even put him in when it was too small for him.


My favorite outfit: those monkey pants (!), striped shirt and mama-made vest.

But using Soulemama's guidence I cast on for another, bigger one.


And it has been sitting in my knitting basket in differing stages of done for many months. Lately it has been haunting me just waiting for buttons, which I actually had but hadn't taken the time to put on and weave in the ends.

Today! I got the buttons to replace the buttons I lost after it all sat around for so long. And during a blissful moment of quiet when baby was asleep and the big kids were playing in the yard (sunshine!) together (not fighting!) I sat and finished it! Ravelry link here.

When #5 woke up from his nap and the other boys had tried it on, they really want their own mama-knit vest, I buttoned #5 into it and took him outside for a little photo shoot.

Then we loaded up and headed to tee ball and softball practice. This vest is just right, I think, for all our early Oregon spring field-sitting.




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Aly sun said...

That is really cute. And very boyish. I love it. I'm in awe that you can make something like that. I've given up on my knitting and crocheting attempts.