Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that #3 isn't reading. And he actually doesn't really have a lot of interest in learning to read...he'd just wants to read. I'm not terribly worried about his reading, he just turned 5, after all. And I know that like potty training, when they're ready they're ready and you just have to wait for that magic moment.

That being said I've been on the lookout lately for possible alternative ways of teaching him to read. I've been a phonics girl from the beginning. And used The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading with #2 and began it with #3 this's not working. He really dislikes the lessons and nothing is sticking.


I was doing my normal blog-hopping this morning and over at homeschoolcreations I saw a Pre-1 reading program being announced from All About Reading. I followed the link to the free e-books and downloaded for myself. Thought I'd pass along this find for anyone else looking for a reading program.


I haven't used anything yet but at a first glance through there is some really nice pre-reading stuff in these little books. Story sequencing and rhyming and listening and comprehension. The activities look easy enough I can implement them in but not too much busy work that #3 will turn his nose. I'm looking forward to giving them a go.

*Disclaimer: All About Spelling knows nothing about me or my little blog here...they don't even know that I exist. I just thought anyone else looking for a reading activity for their preschooler would enjoy hearing about these free books.

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Jennifer said...

I saw your blog on Alysun Peters blog and have been reading it ever since. My daughter is only 3 but I wanted to thank you for all of the great ideas you are doing with your kids...we have gotten some great ideas for learning activities from you. I am really looking forward to trying these e-books with my daugher too. Thanks!