Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rowing :: Angus Lost

Angus Lost

This week the little boys and I had a great time reading Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack. It is such a sweet book! We also checked out some go-along books, Angus and the Duck and Angus and the Cat which were big hits as well.

I had made a few plans in preparation for rowing this book, most of them hinged on Mr. Wiedz bringing home big boxes to make our own dog houses. Since that took quite a few days and many reminder emails and texts we did other activities while we waited for the boxes.

Who needs boxes? The boys made caves in the couch.

But the boxes did arrive. I cut doors and windows out then gave the boys our tub of markers to decorate their houses. House construction was done in the garage so that #1 and #2 could do their school work. But we did move the boxes in for playing with and I set up each house with a bowl of "food" (coco puffs). There was a lot of great playing with the houses and a lot of sharing.

Eating his "dog food".

We made some dog bone cookies for afternoon snack one day. I wanted a peanut butter cut-out cookie which I thought I found in my Cookie Bible Cookbook but it turns out it called for peanut butter chips melted and not peanut butter. I used what I had and hoped for the best...kind of hard to have the boys all set up on the counter next to the mixer and tell them never mind. We got 4 cookies out of the deal and they weren't terrible. The kids thought it was fun to eat a dog bone.


When I was still waiting for the boxes to make their appearance I poked around blog land for ideas about what other people did when they "rowed" Angus Lost. I found this link for a video about milking a cow. Put it on. And immediately had an audience. Seriously, my kids have a sense when a youtube video comes on the computer...they are memorized! By Friday, I searched YouTube and found a few others, though do be careful of the thumbnails of what comes in when you put in milking a cow... I really wanted to find a video about old time milk men but didn't find anything. My boys were extremely put out that our milk is not and never has been delivered by a milk man.

Lapbook :

There is a lot of great stuff on homeschool share for lapbook work to go with this book. As I was reading it I thought there must be something to do with the TOO SHORT and TOO LONG legs of the dogs...sure enough there was little pockets and dogs to cut out and sort. And a milk making process book that was really great.

delightful learning
homeschool share
I planned to make them scotty dogs to love- but didn't...
Making milk
Video with cows being cared for and milked and what happens to the milk - there were more on you tube...about milking a cow and milk from cow to store

Rowing next : well it looks like we're going to concentrate on our alphabet book for the rest of the month and "row" Blueberries for Sal at the beginning of April.

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