Thursday, March 31, 2011

So we had a birthday...

Even though I was against it. #5 turned 1 a couple of weeks ago. And I will admit to him being a pretty terrific 1 year old!

I've said before that our home here in Eugene is a little on the small side, so the idea of putting a birthday party in here on a likely (it is Oregon) spring day had me a little nervous. So I asked my mom if we could hold the party at her house. Aside from being perfectly large it is closer to a lot of family on Mr. Wiedz's side so I was hoping for a good turnout.

The party was perfect! Little #5 charmed everyone with his cuteness. Little and littler cousins were there from Mr. Wiedz family and both Mr. Wiedz's grandma and my grandma were there.

"Grandma Great" (Mr. Wiedz's grandma) with all of her great-grandchildren.
Great Grandma Ruth with 5 of her 19 great-grandchildren. She was really excited to get to be a great-great-grandma this fall when my niece has her first baby.
We enjoyed our last alligator cake.



And opened gifts.




Not sure how I'll manage to have this baby grow but I am sure lucky to have him.

**I know I'm breaking the "rules" with the above photos of the kids' (gasp) faces but the pictures are perfect and with the loss of my grandma just a few days later these are pictures I will treasure and I'm so glad I took.**

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