Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A mama-made hat for #2

#2 has been (so far) left out of the mama-made knitting around here. Something he pointed out regularly and I was determined to fix.

Grammie N purchased some beautiful yarn from here but can't for the life of her figure out this knitting thing. (strange since she's so excellent at everything like knitting) She couldn't see keeping the dk weight yarn when it didn't really fit the crocheting she likes to do. So I was the lucky recipient of all this gorgeous yarn!!!! Lucky me!!!!

And lucky #2.

He has always said he wants a yellow and green hat. And actually wanted the yellow and green all mixed up together, not stripes (thank goodness! I just really didn't want to do stripes), like I did on a vest I've got mostly done (need to finish and post about that).

There just happened to be a skein of green (not exactly the green I would have chosen but a nice green all the same) and a yellow in the gift from Grammie so I cast on and not too long later #2 has his hat!

Ravelry link here.

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