Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Week

We didn't "row" anything this week but I tried to incorporate some St. Patrick Day stuff into our week, especially for the little boys. I've alway enjoyed St. Patrick's Day but this year it was fun to learn a little more of the man and about what he did.

Sensory "Tub" ::

I've been really interested in the idea of doing sensory tubs for school for the little boys. I'm not sure I could pull it off but, oh I love looking at all the great ideas out in blog land (here and here are some of my favorites). I did a mini sensory "tub" for our St. Patrick's Day week, split peas in my large Tupperware bowl. I gave the boys a small pot from the play kitchen, a spoon and my ladle. They took turns playing with it; #3 did a fabulous job keeping the peas in the bowl, #4 not so much! I'll definitely keep the idea in the front of my brain...we'll see if I can justify the expense and work it into my plan for next year.

Play dough ::

Another thing I'd like to incorporate into the little boy's weeks is play dough. I used a great recipe found online but is one I'd used before, #1 and #2's kindergarten teacher used this recipe and shared it with all the parents each year.

So I made green play dough of course. I used green Kool-Aid for the coloring as it also adds a great scent (and it's cheep)! The little boys got to play all by themselves the first day but I got so much complaining from the big kids that when we finished school later in the week we got it back out for the whole group to play with.

Sissy's Leprechaun ::

#1 planned a great St. Patrick's Day treat for her brothers. She colored, cut out and organized shamrocks as a scavenger hunt path leading to the leprechaun's pot of gold. She didn't want to actually wait for St. Patrick's Day (her chicks were due to hatch that day) and our Wednesday's are miserable so sissy's leprechaun left his treasure on Tuesday morning. Fun for all!

How sweet is she! Really, came up with the whole thing and spent the better part of the afternoon and evening making it happen. Such a big heart. I love this girl!

Tradition stands ::

Green oatmeal and milk for St. Patrick's Day breaky!
Seat work ::

We colored and labeled a map of Britain and Ireland, St. Patrick's stomping grounds.

I downloaded a St. Patrick's Day pack and printed off the scissor skills and some handwriting practice pages.

As a group we made this cute shamrock craft! and had a mini lesson about the trinity as St. Patrick explained it.

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