Friday, November 4, 2011

Rowing :: Autumn Week

We didn't "row" in our normal sense this week. But I loved Jolanthe's Fall printables she offered awhile back that I mixed some of the preschool version and the kindergarten version with some of our favorite fall books and we had quite a week!

Books we used this week ::

Writing Practice ::

I've never used any handwriting tracers before but printed it out and put it in a plastic sheet protector so the boys could work on it through the week. Totally worked. Not only did #3 practice but #4 did an amazing job with making his letters!


Math ::

I don't think I took any pictures of the cool wheel that is part of Jolanthe's pack but it was awsome! #4 counted the items on the wheel then matched the clothespin with the number written on one side and dots on the other! He loved it!


I did print out apple addition. #3 didn't love it. I wish I could have laminated the numbers, they were difficult to keep track of. Also wish I had little apple buttons or wooden apples to use...that would have been cute.

Puzzles ::


Jolanthe's packs had two puzzles that I got out for the boys on our last day. The preschool one was just perfect for my #4 (4yo) and the kindergarten one was great for #3 too. We glued them down to cardstock to save in our book. They really enjoyed the whole process.

Craft ::

I had pinned tons of craft ideas on pinterest for fall/thanksgiving/halloween. I really didn't want the week to focus on Halloween (since it would be over and isn't really our "holiday") so I went with the cute Indian corn craft. The boys really did a good job and took their time placing the tissue paper. We even went ahead with the "My favorite part of fall is..." on the leaves. They turned out really cute!



I have plans to keep up with this type of rowing for the rest of the month. Next up: the "Mayflower".

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