Monday, November 21, 2011

Science Sunday :: Skeleton

Oh...I'm far behind on our science posts. Well, from where we left off.

Week 2 of our Science Meet-ups was at our house. My friend had gotten chapter 1, cells, and had a great snack/craft. How was I going to come up with something cool like that? My friend suggested the halloween deptartment.

And was she right! My Family Fun magazine had just come and when I flipped through that I had all the ideas I needed to complement the lesson from the book!


The first thing we did came from the book. I had cooked some chicken wings ahead of time. The kids donned rubber gloves to take the meat off and pull apart the bones. We looked at the similarities between our arm bones and a chickens. We found the tendons, the cartilage and muscle. We broke a bone in half and found the marrow. The kids thought this was completely disgusting but we did learn a lot. We took some bones and placed them in a jar a vinegar and a jar of water so we could see what acid does to bone.


After we washed our hands and cleaned up the chicken stuff we got our bone snacks. This is one of the things I found in the magazine. Mini marshmallows stuck on to the ends of a pretzel stick then dipped in white chocolate. Yummy! They were more difficult to make than I anticipated...that white chocolate is a little bit of a bear. So everyone only got a couple of "bones".


Lastly, we made our own "skele-toni". Another Family Fun find. I bought a LOT of different pastas. I separated what each kid would need into a baggie then we went head down to create a fun little pasta skeleton. Both our friends and ourselves still have our cute skele-toni creations up. They turned out so awesome!

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