Sunday, July 20, 2008

day 4

What a blessed day we've had!

We got up (way too early) and after the rest of the house was going we had a great breaky. I did the cooking, Aunt M did the dishes. A perfect setup for both of us. Uncle K and the kiddos did the eating! After all that it was time to scour my parents house for all of my and my children's belongings. We got all packed up, hugged everyone with promises to see each other soon, and took the short drive to Grandparents D. What a blessing that all of our grandparents live close to us and to each other so it was not a long drive.

Once at Grandparents D we had a wonderful visit. #2 went with Grandpa D to the grocery store for lunch supplies. When they got was a remarkably longer trip than anyone would have anticipated. It was explained that even though they were there for lunch items they seemed distracted by the toy aisle (on the other side of the store from the grocery department). We ate a hurried lunch, quickly changed into bathing suits and slathered on the sunblock. Anxious to get to the swimming we wrangled 4 children, 4 adults and the necessary swimming paraphernalia out the door.

The boys were a little distracted on the way:

And we had a fantastic time swimming. #1 and #2 had tons of fun in the water. #3 loved being floated around on a mattress or on some one's hip. And #4 totally enjoyed the water until he got so tired I had to help him fall asleep. He laid in the shade of an umbrella and took a little snooze. #3 also was so tired and past his nap time, he started falling asleep sitting up on the floating mattress. Grandma convinced him to lay down and he fell asleep while she floated him around the pool. Cousin B and I helped pick him, mattress and all, out of the water and into the shade.

After a fun afternoon we got all back into dry clothes, gave hugs and got back into the car for the drive home. It was nice to be back but the full weekend provided the right amount of distractions from Mr. Wiedz being at meetings elsewhere. All the animals and the garden were happy to have us home. But there is a lot of work to do around here...for another day.

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