Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We survived!

Mr. Wiedz arrived back today to the running, grinning, loving arms of his kids and wife! We had missed him so and were thrilled to see him! All the kids couldn't get enough loving on him and telling him adventures that he'd missed. All of them went outside for some Mr. Wiedz wrestling time, I've heard it called "soaking them in" after being away for so long.

Here they are playing on the trampoline together. Mr. Wiedz and
#4 laying underneath (with the dog) and "bumping" the
trampoline from the bottom making the kids fly up on top. The giggles and positioning were fantastic. They each tried to get in just the right spot to get the most height from his bump.

#3 also got to FINALLY get out his prize from the zoo. We had been saving it for Mr. Wiedz, knowing he'd love to be in on a project like this - read, I didn't want to do it and was saving it for him! This thing deserves it's own post...another day!

And of course when Mr. Wiedz gets home from a trip there are always presents. T-shirts and patches for the boys (which until #3 got to get out his zoo present wasn't such a hit). But this trip included a stop at an American Girl store so #1 was spoiled to the tenth degree. And thrilled!

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